It's just a demo but...

This demo demonstrates the powerful abilities of an Open Source, Drupal-powered web marketing system. Whoah, that's a mouthful! Ask a product expert if you want to see more!

Progressive profiling

Define your user persona's directly in the CMS.
In this demo, we've created just 2 persona's:
Marketeer: This is a user profile that shows clear interest in our services and how the Open Marketing system works.
Gadgeteer: A second user profile that is more interested in buying gadgets on the website

The CMS system automatically tracks user profiles and creates a scored profile for each visitor.


A CMS editor may define for which user segment the content is created and just how important the content is.

For example, the "How it works" has a 2 point value for the segment "Gadgeteer". Each time the user visits content on the website that is relevant for user segments, the website learns about the visitors' behaviour.

When creating content on the site, the editor can create pages by combining easy-to-configure blocks. Each of these blocks can be personalised. For example, blocks or pages can be shown depending on user segment score, device type, time of day or the fact that a user is already identified in the database.


Basic Page Segment

Progressive profiling

In this short youtube clip you can see how progressive profiling in Drupal works. On the left, a browser screen is shown where an editor can see a real time dashboard. On the right, an anonymous user visits the website. Info about the visitor gradually starts to show in the dashboard in the left.

Contextualisation tools

Personalisation is great, but together with contextualisation it's just fantastic.

Content can be offered based on different input parameters. Try showing a banner only to mobile users or change page behaviour based on persona segments, time, location...

marketeer 2